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Leather Harness III

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This high quality lambskin leather body gay harness features adjustable steel snaps and buckles so you can adjust to the proper size.

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This high quality lambskin leather gay and classic harness for men features adjustable steel snaps and buckles so you can adjust to the proper size. This piece has no inner lining, so you can feel the sensual pleasure of the leather against your skin. This is the Viktor Rom Harness used in some of our Kristen Bjorn videos.


This is a body gay leather harness adjustable with snaps on all straps for maximum flexibility.


Sizes based on girth and height for a more customised fit. Viktor Rom likes how this model fits him.


It’s always better when gay leather garments fit snugly, also for adjustable harnesses for men. If you think you may need a special size, or if you have any doubts about your size, please send us an email at with your measurements so that the size may be altered. It will take a few days longer to alter the garment size, but that’s preferible to having to return it.


Gay leather harnesses are a popular item you see adorning many gays at pride festivals and parties. Leather has always been part of the gay community, since bands of gay men broke off from the idea that gays were somehow naturally feminine, and chose leather as their emblem for a more manly, masculine look.


Full leather could mean gay leather underwear, harnesses, chaps, straps going all the way down, in a look that was meant to be both aggressive and progressive.


Of course, some people also view the harness as something to grab hold of during sex, but for the most part leather has transformed from something that had a very real meaning. It’s a simply ornament that looks sexy and makes the wearer feel powerful


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  1. admin

    Beaufifull harness!! Traditional and handsmade :))

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