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Take a look at all our Kristen Bjorn high quality gay jockstraps for men designs made in Europe, the latest ones or the backless briefs. Perfect fit and lift, free of uncomfortable strings and bands. It’s only a pouch and the waistband. Mens Jockstraps made and designed in Barcelona. Check our hot promotions in sexy gay jockstraps selection, handmade pieces from our underwear shop.


Our Mens Jockstraps, perfect for wearing to the gym. They provide plenty of support, are comfortable to wear, and are bound to turn a few heads in the locker-room.


Of course, as well as being practical, functional, and comfortable, the jockstrap also carries with it strong sexual associations. There are a number of reasons for this. For example the fetishization of locker rooms and athletes has long been a staple of the sexual fantasies of gay men. The construction of a sexy gay jockstrap, by definition, leaves your ass not only exposed but prominently on display. And they’re quite convenient to wear while having sex.  It can be a real turn-on wearing a Kristen Bjorn sexy gay jockstrap while being penetrated by another guy.


If you’re not keen to wear a mens jockstrap, or feel that it leaves you a little exposed around the back, a thong may be the answer.

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